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Turbocad - How to use basics and advanced Copy tools

Turbocad - The basics Copy tools

You have always been hear at school to not copy your neighbor .... well, the computer tells you everything you do once do not remake it, Copy it!

This is the First of the three tutorials concerning the Basics, Intermediates and advanced Copy tools

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What's you gonna see in this Copy tools tutorial ?

Basics Copy tools

  • Make Copy 
  • Rubber Stamp 

Basics Copy tools

Make Copy command

Select the object(s) you want to made a copy from. Right click on the selected object(s) and select the Make Copy command. The Make Copy does a copy of the object(s) selected just above it or them. To relocate the copy, place the cursor (arrows with a + sign) over the yellow dot and place object(s) where you want. After that, if the command is still active, another copy is automaticaly made from the last object copied. After you made all the copies you want, desactivate the Make Copy command by Right clicking and and turn off the command by clicking on it. If you select another tool to create an object, the Make Copy command will be automaticaly turned off

Rubber Stamp command

Select the object(s) you want to made a copy from. Right click on the selected object(s) and select the Rubber Stamp command. A square's reprensenting the object(s) selected appears with a new cursor (arrows and stamp), click on the origin dot (yellow) then place object(s) where you want. You can make as many copies as you want while the command remains active. To desativate the Rubber Stamp command, press the escape key once

Note: You these Copy Tools on the Turbocad Deluxe, Turbocad Professional, Turbocad Pro Platinum and Designer versions. These 4 versions are available in free trial version and fully functional for 30 days :-) Click on the links in blue to learn more

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